1. Occupational Healthcare

Deploy Ready Clinics and the management company of your choosing will work closely together to offer the client a turn key, full service occupational health/workers compensation management team option. This can provide:

  • Work related injury treatment and case management from onset of injury to case closure.

  • Work relatedness determinations.

  • Fitness for duty physicals.

  • Reduction of OSHA recordable cases and Lost Time Days.

  • Medical Surveillance Physicals, Testing, Compliance.

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing.

  • Physical therapy

2. Performance Evaluation Testing

  • For consistent testing procedures and useable data, a centralized common facility used for performance evaluations will yield the best results.

  • Cost savings can be seen by not having to pay an outside entity for the test procedures to be carried out.

  • Having a centralized facility allows minimum time spent away from the station for the firefighters and equipment.

  • All clinics will be capable of carrying out Performance Evaluation Testing per NFPA 1582.

3. Primary Healthcare

  • Public Safety Workers and their families enjoy having the DeployReady clinics available as the go to first stop facility to deal with Primary Healthcare needs.

  • Screenings, flu shots, doctors visits, vaccinations are all simple procedures that can be carried out at the primary healthcare facility.

  • After consultations with your Primary Healthcare physician, referrals can be made as needed.

  • Clinics come with a pharmacy and a laboratory.

What does a Deploy Ready Health Clinic provide?​​

Benefits and advantages

  • Customized public safety municipal healthcare

  • Reduced costs associated with employee down time, speed and quality of medical intervention/condition management

  • Improved employee uptime with better clinic proximity

  • Improved quality of care at the point of service

  • Improved efficiency due to centralization of care service

  • Better cost control by avoiding outside entities, and more control when utilizing outside entities when needed

  • Improved standardization of Performance Evaluation Tests

  • Reduced costs associated with Performance Evaluation Tests

Foyer/reception professional space

Colors and finishes can be custom picked

Physical therapy room

Annual evaluation area

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